About us

Welcome to Mamma & Bambino!

Mamma & Bambino came about following the birth of my first child. Meal times used to be a frequent struggle in our household with tantrums and food flying everywhere. My child would get frustrated trying to feed herself as food would fly into the air or topple over the edge of the bowl.

The Mamma & Bambino silicone bowl and spoon set has helped my child develop her self-feeding skills. Now, meal times are a much more enjoyable experience for the whole family – less mess and stress! I truly believe it is a product that every parent should invest in when their baby takes the next step to eating solid foods. Perfect for all types of weaning.

We place quality first and only use LFGB grade silicone. LFGB grade silicone is the highest silicone available on the market. They are subject to much more stringent testing requiring the silicone to be even more pure than standard FDA grade silicone. Always check the standard of food grade silicone.